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The Family of Ambassador and Mrs. Arthur K. Watson










The Buchanan Family
Hatches, Whitridges, and Farrs
Cecelia Mendez Hodes, in honor of Helen Miller 
Sue and Jack Macdonald
Mary R. Saltonstall and John K. Hanson, in memory of Frank Hatch
George Washington's Mount Vernon






Carolyn and Morten Arntzen
Ellie and Doug Benjamin
Marian and David Bicks
Linda and Peter Bicks
Sofia and Peter Blanchard
Roberta and Bruce Boczkiewicz
Virginia and Standish Bourne and Family
Elaine Cinciva and Colin Baker
Roxanne and Kevin Coady
Elizabeth and Thomas Cullen
Laura and Joe Cullen
Leila and James Day, in memory of Philip Day
Jeanmarie and Richard Drucker
Susie and David Hatch
The General Henry Knox Museum
Katie and John Mankiewicz
Marcia and Tom Mason
Helen Miller and Jim Kerr
Meg and David Nichols
Jean and Thomas Pedersen
Louise and Peter Pincoffs
Gabriella Ressler
Ruth and Ken Scheer
Lynn and Dugan Shipway
Elaine and David Smith
Meredithe and James Stuart-Smith
Cindy Tye and William Post
Ruth Anne and Bobby Vagt
Anne and Roger Whidden
Gail Winkler and Roger Moss
Mary and Will Wilson
Stefanie and Andrew Young



Susan Allen and Neil Middleton
Jane and Nat Ball
Blue Hill Memorial Hospital
Catherine and Christopher Abbate, in honor of Michael Coughlin
Lynne Dearborn
Mary Dearborn
Sam and Bob Friedlander
Adelma Gillespie
Ursula (née Gauthier) and Bryce Gilmore
Martha and Charles Johnson
Harold Koda and Alan Kornberg
Gayle and Jeffrey Lewis
Ann Miller 
Lisa and Hal Reynolds
E.L. Shea Builders & Engineers
Alison West



Carol Adams
Elise and David Adams
Alicia Anstead
Posey and Bill Boicourt
Sally Chadbourne and Del Davis, in honor of Erik Dalton Davis
Susanne and Ben Clark
Davilynn and John Cowperthwaite
Peter Davis
Susie and Moss Disston
Helen Evarts
Janet and William Fisher
Judy and Doug Fitzsimmons
Betsy Foote and Howell Jackson
Sarah F. Foote
Virginia Foote
Mary Hull and Herbert Frazier
Debbie Gribbon and Winston Alt
Merle B. Grindle Agency
Azita Hamedani and Peter Mason
David Hatch Painting
Lisa and James Lawsing
Lucky Hill
Lyn and Paul Mayewski
Cathy and Jerry McCarthy
Bonnie and David Miller
Margaret and John Mitchell
Cynthia and Lipscomb Norvell
Liz and John Parish
Pentagoet Inn and Restaurant
Rick and Lisa Pierce
Deborah and Bruce Rogers
Linda and James Smiddy
Lee Smith and Hal Crowther
Robert Surdam
Catherine and David Tenney
Marty and Don Tenney
Frances and Andrew Tschinkel


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